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Have you ever wondered why windows phones arent inexpensive as the android ones? The reason is that Microsoft imposes minimum hardware requirements that a phone should satisfy in order to run their phone OS. For their windows phone version Mango. The minimum hardware requirements are as follows

Standard Hardware

  • A common set of hardware controls and buttons that include the Start, Search, and Back buttons.
  • A large WVGA (800 x 480) format display capable of rendering most web content in full-page width and displaying movies in widescreen.
  • Capacitive 4-point multi-touch screens for quick, simple control of the phone and its features.
  • Support for data connectivity using cellular networks and Wi-Fi.
  • 256 MB (or more) of RAM and 8 GB (or more) of flash storage.
  • A-GPS
  • Accelerometer

Optional Hardware

  • Compass
  • Gyro
  • Primary Camera
  • Front-facing Camera

    To the best of my knowledge we dont have any minimum hardware requirements for their phones. Thats the reason they are available in all sizes and flavours. Thats the beauty of going open source.

When deciding our architecture, we took into account several unique requirements of apps & social games:
  • High uptime
  • Short loading time
  • Flexibility to deal with social network API changes
  • Ability to manage thousands of userss, concurrently, from all over the world
  • Adjustment to capabilities and performance issues on different users’ computers
  • Ability to measure user actions to constantly improve the user experience
  • Hosting and delivering quality, beautiful game art
    Last but not the least a pleasing UI and features to keep customers attracted with your app.
    I found these points when i was reading google app engine blog

I was in grade 4, a new subject called “Computer Science” was introduced into my curriculum. The first person who taught me about computers was Lavanya Madam.. I liked both the subject and teacher. I scored 100/100 in the test and i was her favorite student. Charles babbage was father of computers, I was taught about ENIAC, PASCAL etc. I had computer lab and we were taught to write programs in BASIC. I still remembered how silent the lab environment was. It was the most silent place and my hands used to tremble and shiver while typing the programs.

Then at school i was taught about MS Office package. The computers which i saw those days had windows 2000 installed with lion wallpaper. Then came the programming languages C and C++. I had been learning C, C++ but i never understood them fully until i joined college. I was gifted a computer during my first year at college.

In college i was in ECE dept. where the exposure to programming was less. I joined NIIT and I learnt JAVA, J2EE. 

Meanwhile informally i learnt website building and hoisting. I was also a Linux enthusiast.Image

Computers became my passion and they will be.. 

Hello world!

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