How i was introduced into world of technology?

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was in grade 4, a new subject called “Computer Science” was introduced into my curriculum. The first person who taught me about computers was Lavanya Madam.. I liked both the subject and teacher. I scored 100/100 in the test and i was her favorite student. Charles babbage was father of computers, I was taught about ENIAC, PASCAL etc. I had computer lab and we were taught to write programs in BASIC. I still remembered how silent the lab environment was. It was the most silent place and my hands used to tremble and shiver while typing the programs.

Then at school i was taught about MS Office package. The computers which i saw those days had windows 2000 installed with lion wallpaper. Then came the programming languages C and C++. I had been learning C, C++ but i never understood them fully until i joined college. I was gifted a computer during my first year at college.

In college i was in ECE dept. where the exposure to programming was less. I joined NIIT and I learnt JAVA, J2EE. 

Meanwhile informally i learnt website building and hoisting. I was also a Linux enthusiast.Image

Computers became my passion and they will be.. 


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