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3 wow features of Playbook tablet

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Playbook is a 7 inch tablet from Blackberry.. As blackberry sounds professional and superior build.. the tablet too stands up in terms of quality and premium professional features.. on the down side its a bit bulky and thick..  wifi only adds to the problems..


the top notch features are

1) HDMI slot for display, but even Ipad has this. The professional feature is missing. the presentation can be seen on tv but the user can see notes in playbook.

2) Bluetooth transfer even when the tablet is in sleep mode. so u need not pull it out and display ur gadgets before others while transferring files. Other cool feature is that bluetooth can let u connect keyboard to playbook.

3) Sync and backup over the wifi. 

5Mp back camera and 3Mp front cam adds to professional quality. The build and rubber finish in the back also makes it unique.

Down side is that its for class and not mass people.. class means business class.. 


Google has been playing the game carefully and skeptically. The targetted audience is a wider group of people. Nexus 7 hardware came from ASUS who were the best in the android tablet manufacturing.

Nexus 7 is a tablet. A 7 inch one..

Nexus 4 is a smartphone. A 4 inch one..


nexus 4 hardware comes from LG. For the given features, the pricing strategy is similar to Nexus 7. Competitively priced.


Common question which we should ask. Are they subsidizing the price? are they kind towards customers?

The answer which was given by many was, in course of time the customers will pay some money back in the form of purchases from play store. These devices are oriented towards cloud. Some we may buy something and that will pay them back.


Another cool feature, the unlocked versions are available at lesser price. Price likely to be around 299$

The best camera is one of the best features that anyone expects from a highend phone. A high quality pic from a high end phone gets more attention on facebook and social media. Camera sales remain healthy inspite of mobile penetration in this segment.

Iphone is the most used device for posting pics to social sites.

Some of the good shooters are


Samsung galaxy S3

Nokia Pureview 808 ** good one..

Sony Xperia S *12Mp cam

Appe Iphone 4S


we can use accessories like PhotoJOJO fisheye. its a magnetic ring to the phone photo cam.we can shoot subjects with in 10-23cm.. price is around 2.8K INR

Microsoft vs Apple

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Most of the technologies which i mentioned below need no introduction. This is just a small list between the services these giants offer and how they rival at market.

Windows 8 vs Mountain Lion

Surface vs Ipad

Windows Phone 8 vs IOS 6

Smart Glass vs AirPlay

XBOX vs Apple TV

Ultrabooks vs MacBook AIR



Fashion Tips

Posted: November 3, 2012 in General non tech tips

For a formal setting like wedding, your watch should be elegant and simple.

A light moisturizer can keep you looking good without causing you to sweat because of heat or jitter.

Adding a pocket square is a classy way to inject a bit of  colour into a formal jacket.

A white vest under short sleeved shirt will make your outfit look more structured.

keep your beard trimmer in bag of choice so you can always refresh yourself before a big meeting.

If you are getting the drinks for clients, make sure you pronounce them correctly.

Its an Instagram for Twitter. Displays pics in a clean interactive grid format. You can browse by topics and search by hashtags.

Currently available on IOS 4.0


Sometimes after spending a lot of time before computers and painless life. We forget the biology and the constituents of our body till we get a disease.

The below picture is our artery and blood cells.. for those who dont remember biology. Artery are those channels which carry blood from heart to other body parts..

This is not an animated pic but its observed under electron microscope.