5 step algorithm for Success in new year

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dreaming or willing to make this new year a memorable and prosperous year. Who doesn’t want to? Here is one of the 5 point algorithm which I learnt from Rahul Sharma through his video blog on youtube.

Step 1: Think of the big and small wins, failures that you faced in the current year. After thinking do some inventory, put them down on a paper. Don’t hesitate to put down the special moments you had with family and moments that made your client happy.

Step 2: List down the important skills you learnt this year. It could be an important business lesson, an additional course to boost your knowledge. Try listing at least three business lessons, life lessons. This shows your awareness and helps you make better choices.

Step 3:  Pick your goals from your wishes and wants.

List down the big 5 you want to achieve this new year.  You must be obsessed, ready to put in maximum energy into these ideas. This is necessary to prevent getting seduced by other ideas.

List down top 5 values you want to attain in the new year.  It could be a change in behavior, values, freedom, beauty or speaking your mind.

Set goals which stretch, challenge or something which is out of your comfort zone. This ensures you grow in time.

Step 4: Now its time to transform goals to action steps. Plan your goals across 12 months. Tell yourself when to do what. Get your month by month plan ready. Put these on a paper. It should be at least 2 sides of a A4 paper.

Step 5: Close your eyes and visualize. How would you feel if you have completed the plans. Does that transformation in you exciting? This increases the commitment level, makes you engage emotionally. Other benefits are it gives you vivid detail and gives you better clarity.

Revisit the goals every 5 days. Track your goal progress..

A word of caution. Algorithms are easier said than done, So commit to your plans and resolutions.

Have a great year ahead.



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