Location based mobile apps tips

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

some of the useful tips which i got from Microsoft phone meet are as follows

Microsoft has Bing map series from which we get

  • geocode
  • imagery
  • route
  • local search

bingmapsportal.com is the place to get more info..

marketplace has certain requirements when it comes to location based apps.. they can be found online.. they are like commandments.. so if you violate any of them then your app will be rejected straight away. you cannot make it to the app store or windows market place.

Some of the app ideas are

  • location based alarm
  • on reach alarm
  • turning off app based on loc or time
  • local search
  • location alert
  • destination alert
  • to-do reminders
  • calorie meters
  • weather forecast
  • utility
  • mojostreet (app example)

test your location based apps under following scenarios

  • with internet
  • without internet with GPS
  • low battery
  • performance

GPS based apps drain battery so take care while designing..


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