Thoughts on Learning from failures

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

From childhood we have been hearing the proverb

Failures are stepping stones to success..

Recently i encountered a situation where one failure was followed by another failure.. I was lost in commotions. I checked my self and found a few facts to share.

When we fail, take a few minutes to estimate the failure. Ask questions like were u half way through the goals or were you on a completely irrelevant track.

If you were on the right track. Try patching the pit holes that let to failure. This is relatively easy and lets you succeed certainly. Sometimes more practice or analysis could solve our problem and help us attain success.

Dont let or create a avenue for new failure in the process of patching a old failure. It happens when you don’t know why you failed and you are too adventurous trying out stuff. Keep trying and experiments restricted to labs or rooms. At business or when dealing with public we must win. so plan and be prepared.

If you choose completely different route to achieve success then its better to get a mentor or advices so the risk is reduced.

I would hug failures because they provide you a chance to hit targets with a better armor at times. Learning from failures is not very straight forward. Sometimes there is a lot to learn from a single failure.



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