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Epiphany Seeker.

I am quoting the world famous technologist Terence McKennaa-

“We are now, there can be no doubt about it, in the final historical seconds of that crisis, a crisis that involves the end of history, our departure from the planet, the triumph over death and the release of individual over body.”

We are, the Gods now.

When you search about the future, a vast majority of things are pessimistic. I don’t know if it says more about our future or our search engines.
Rising Inflation, Decreasing Resources.


Rising Water level, Decreasing percent of breathable air.


Its all very sad.

But i wanted to talk about the future and still be optimistic. I was looking for something new and i thought why not let it be something dangerous but optimistic, wildly crazy yet seemingly possible, daunting yet mesmerizing.

What is it that you attribute to being God?

Well a majority of…

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WordPress was doing a good job for me by offering a platform for blogging. Things were fine and i was not really concerned about security as my blog traffic wasnt high.

The actual reasons are

1. My ISP in India blocks wordpress. I dont know whats the ISP real intention.

2. Signin using username is encouraged in wordpress which made my login once in a month or two very troublesome. I resetted password many times.

3. wordpress adds gravitar or avator as identity for author but blogger gives link to google +.



Location based mobile apps tips

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

some of the useful tips which i got from Microsoft phone meet are as follows

Microsoft has Bing map series from which we get

  • geocode
  • imagery
  • route
  • local search is the place to get more info..

marketplace has certain requirements when it comes to location based apps.. they can be found online.. they are like commandments.. so if you violate any of them then your app will be rejected straight away. you cannot make it to the app store or windows market place.

Some of the app ideas are

  • location based alarm
  • on reach alarm
  • turning off app based on loc or time
  • local search
  • location alert
  • destination alert
  • to-do reminders
  • calorie meters
  • weather forecast
  • utility
  • mojostreet (app example)

test your location based apps under following scenarios

  • with internet
  • without internet with GPS
  • low battery
  • performance

GPS based apps drain battery so take care while designing..

From childhood we have been hearing the proverb

Failures are stepping stones to success..

Recently i encountered a situation where one failure was followed by another failure.. I was lost in commotions. I checked my self and found a few facts to share.

When we fail, take a few minutes to estimate the failure. Ask questions like were u half way through the goals or were you on a completely irrelevant track.

If you were on the right track. Try patching the pit holes that let to failure. This is relatively easy and lets you succeed certainly. Sometimes more practice or analysis could solve our problem and help us attain success.

Dont let or create a avenue for new failure in the process of patching a old failure. It happens when you don’t know why you failed and you are too adventurous trying out stuff. Keep trying and experiments restricted to labs or rooms. At business or when dealing with public we must win. so plan and be prepared.

If you choose completely different route to achieve success then its better to get a mentor or advices so the risk is reduced.

I would hug failures because they provide you a chance to hit targets with a better armor at times. Learning from failures is not very straight forward. Sometimes there is a lot to learn from a single failure.


Dreaming or willing to make this new year a memorable and prosperous year. Who doesn’t want to? Here is one of the 5 point algorithm which I learnt from Rahul Sharma through his video blog on youtube.

Step 1: Think of the big and small wins, failures that you faced in the current year. After thinking do some inventory, put them down on a paper. Don’t hesitate to put down the special moments you had with family and moments that made your client happy.

Step 2: List down the important skills you learnt this year. It could be an important business lesson, an additional course to boost your knowledge. Try listing at least three business lessons, life lessons. This shows your awareness and helps you make better choices.

Step 3:  Pick your goals from your wishes and wants.

List down the big 5 you want to achieve this new year.  You must be obsessed, ready to put in maximum energy into these ideas. This is necessary to prevent getting seduced by other ideas.

List down top 5 values you want to attain in the new year.  It could be a change in behavior, values, freedom, beauty or speaking your mind.

Set goals which stretch, challenge or something which is out of your comfort zone. This ensures you grow in time.

Step 4: Now its time to transform goals to action steps. Plan your goals across 12 months. Tell yourself when to do what. Get your month by month plan ready. Put these on a paper. It should be at least 2 sides of a A4 paper.

Step 5: Close your eyes and visualize. How would you feel if you have completed the plans. Does that transformation in you exciting? This increases the commitment level, makes you engage emotionally. Other benefits are it gives you vivid detail and gives you better clarity.

Revisit the goals every 5 days. Track your goal progress..

A word of caution. Algorithms are easier said than done, So commit to your plans and resolutions.

Have a great year ahead.


Some people in this world are blessed with money and others with time. The ones with time are students and enthusiasts who dream and build their dreams themselves.. hmm enough of philosophy and i will jump into the point..

I had been querying people with experience in web development and especially those who are heroes at social networking platform. Many people build a site either to test their luck or to showcase their talent. You can put it on your resume or a model to attract freelancing jobs.

The first question to ask yourselves is why do you want to build a social media site.. The answer may be anything that convinces you.

Based on your answer for the previous question, the features, budget and other factors matter. For example if you want to grow as a site with million users, then you undoubtedly need a huge budget or good skills with perseverance to start and grow in a lean way.

The technologies which i believe are very basic requirements and the developers need to know are

Javascript (Frameworks),

I remember me working on a project an year ago where we got one of the basics wrong. We chose a HTML + CSS template online but failed to use master page concept there. So every time to update a Hyperlink, we used to modify in around 80 webpages. So master page is mandatory. If possible a different header and footer page.

HTML + CSS can be managed well and take less effort if you can compromise on a template. There is an another javascript framework that can help you to get custom components etc. Its Jquery. The component could be a photo slideshow or frame etc.. But its very powerful. A lot of effort might be required in building components for first time. These days even front end development needs a lot of coding. So use MVC or similar pattern to prevent your code from code rot.

PHP is called language of the web and around 70% of the sites run on PHP. I dont have any experience on PHP projects. I had used J2EE servlets and JSP. It worked well. I advice you to follow design patterns if i am not wrong. A proper MVC architecture and good separation of code for maintainability, delegation among developers. For Development we used Eclipse and Apache Tomcat Server. If you are a beginner, get familiar with http error codes and make lot of mistakes.

The database choice would be mysql. Its easy to connect and it goes well with PHP. In J2EE  I had used JDBC concepts for connectivity. This code should be kept in a seperate layer and if possible store the query in a xml file and read it in runtime. So in java we can avoid compiling and .Class file generation. Get the primary, foreign key relationships correctly and avoid dropping and recreating tables unnecessarily. As you work in a project, you may need to have separate insert scripts to insert data into tables instead of manual entry. use the concepts of indexing to increase the performance.

The above concepts hold good for web application. In social sites, a lot of custom scripts are required. Example upload a photo, organize and edit them online etc. So a lot of hardcore coding is required.

Do you want the page to be rendered slowly or fastly on your client machine. The answer is always fastly. Use Server side Caching to avoid delay and reducing database calls. One of the popular caching is MemCache. I havent used it in real projects.

Its not over, you need to have a testing strategy. Follow micro optimization correctly so that you need to worry fixing bugs while integration. Once integrated you may have new bugs to fix. Once maintenance and enhancement phase starts regression testing is mandatory.

For a social site, growth is necessary but creates new problems. You may need to even buy dedicated hosting and huge server space to store users photos like “A pup eating dog biscuits” and whose size is 4.9Mb. Though its sounds simple.. there are 1000s of such photos that might get uploaded every minute. So you may even have to learn Big Data concepts, Data WareHousing etc..

But dont worry, once you site starts growing. You may either take VC money or your website generated money to hire good talented people and they will do it for you.

Happy prototyping and learning..

Advice you to share the good development practices in the comment threads..

3 wow features of Playbook tablet

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Playbook is a 7 inch tablet from Blackberry.. As blackberry sounds professional and superior build.. the tablet too stands up in terms of quality and premium professional features.. on the down side its a bit bulky and thick..  wifi only adds to the problems..


the top notch features are

1) HDMI slot for display, but even Ipad has this. The professional feature is missing. the presentation can be seen on tv but the user can see notes in playbook.

2) Bluetooth transfer even when the tablet is in sleep mode. so u need not pull it out and display ur gadgets before others while transferring files. Other cool feature is that bluetooth can let u connect keyboard to playbook.

3) Sync and backup over the wifi. 

5Mp back camera and 3Mp front cam adds to professional quality. The build and rubber finish in the back also makes it unique.

Down side is that its for class and not mass people.. class means business class..